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A whole new Organizational concept for sustainable exploitation of nature's bounty through tribal’s. Government of India set up TRIFED in 1987. In simple terms - what nature provides, TRIFED supplies.The very concept behind formation of TRIFED may be said as - it is clear from demographic information about India, about 8% of total population is covered by the tribals. Due to wide variety of agro-climatic and geographical conditions of India's tribal area, it is sure that an equally wide variety of natural products are available. Tribals are in harmony with nature and dependent upon forests and agriculture for their livelihood. Efforts  are to improve their living standard. Simultaneously the need to conserve the nation's ecological heritage of which the tribals are gurdians needs to be given due importance. An important element in the policy spectrum of the government to bring about a multi-dimensional transformation of tribal society is generating and establishing proper marketing channels for tribal produce, the collection of which is the main occupation and source  of income for tribals.This in turn ensures assured off-take of their products and remunerative prices while eliminating exploitation of tribals by market forces. The combined impact of these initiatives is aimed at bringing about sustained upgradation of  living standards among these indigenous people. To pay specific attention to the marketing requirements of tribal forest and agriculture produce Govt. of India set the TRIFED.

ACTIVITIES : TRIFED  has aggressively undertaken procurement and marketing of over 80 items of tribal produce, which are environment - friendly, fresh, pure and 100% natural. Besides other objectives of TRIFED are:

·         to secure higher earnings and generate employment opportunities for tribal people

·         creation of awareness of interplay of market forces among tribals to enable them to optimise their incomes

·         providing assured markets and remunerative prices for tribal produce and also undertake price support operations wherever required.

·         quality upgradation of tribal products with a view to maximise unit value realisation

·         export of tribal products

·         to provide full range of  services, including organisation and collection of tribal produce, scientific exploration of forest products, storage, transportation, marketing and exports.

How does TRIFED Operate - TRIFED is an apex-level federation of State Tribal Development Cooperative Federation and State Corporations. HQ at New Delhi. It has its own wide network agencies throughout the country for the procurement, processing and marketing of forest and agricultural commodities produced in the tribal areas of the country. TRIFED has branch offices spread across various states of India, the major one being in Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Udaipur, Guwahati, Ranchi, Bhopal and Bhubaneswar. While procuring commodities from the tribals, TRIFED has to overcome the problems of poor communication, lack of access, poor economies of scale and perishability of goods. Its procurement operations cover the whole country either directly or through its associates at practically the doorstep of tribal people. TRIFED's procurement policy frame work also provides price support for tribal people and protects them  against exploitative market forces by influencing the latter to pay prices at par with the prices paid by TRIFED.

With above objectives in mind, TRIFED commenced its procurement operations in the Kandhamal district as well. TRIFED with intervention of District Administration signed MoUs with Tribal Development Co-operative Corporation (TDCC) Balliguda, Agency Marketing Co-operative Society (AMCS) Tikaballi, KASAM, Phulbani & DSMS, Phulbani for procurement of various Minor Forest Produce and Surplus Agriculture Produce of the district during the current year. The above local district agencies have been procuring these commodities on behalf of TRIFED, for which funds are being provided by TRIFED. TRIFED in turn is marketing the commodities with a view to provide remunerative prices to poor tribal farmers for their produce. A high level district Committee under  the chairmanship of the Collector is monitoring and fixing prices of all these commodities on weekly basis, based on the market rates of these commodities in terminal markets and other various factors affecting the price are also taken into consideration. The tribals  have been immensely benefitted by this procurement as has been observed in case of Siali leaves, Niger Seed, Bahada, Marking Nut, Harida, Amla,Turmeric, Tamarind etc.